We’re Hiring!

Saunders & Associates, LLC, a prestigious Phoenix-based organization with a global footprint, is seeking an experienced Senior Software Engineer and an experienced Senior Electronics Engineer to join our dynamic team. With over 50 years of established history in the Phoenix area, S&A stands at the forefront of innovation in electronics control and machine automation.

Senior Software Engineer – Automation & Control Systems

S&A is in search of a proficient programmer with experience in electronics control, machine automation, and a strong command of C/C++.

The ideal candidate will be eager to engage with our current software architecture and play a crucial role in the development of new automation and measurement equipment. The role requires the capacity to quickly learn and master existing software projects, with the aim of supporting, improving, and adapting our products for new opportunities. This position is based on-site in North Phoenix.

Specific Experience Required:

  • Visual C++
  • Machine Automation
  • Software Controlled Measurement and Testing
  • Microsoft Windows MFC Application Development
  • Proficiency in Visual Studio
  • Microsoft WDF Kernel Mode Driver Development and Support
  • Software to Control PCI and PCIe Hardware Interfaces
  • Familiarity with Signing and Managing Windows Drivers
  • Software Interfacing with RS-232 and Windows COM Ports
  • Software Control of GPIB Devices
  • Software to Communicate over LAN using Sockets
  • Experience with Threads, Mutex, and Interprocess Communication in Windows OS
  • DLL and OLE/COM Development
  • Knowledge of Interrupts and Event Driven Software
  • Electronics Background Preferred

Senior Electronics Engineer – Automation & Control Systems

Automated and measurement electronics designed by S&A are employed world-wide and are known as the standard in the industry. We are looking to add a proficient electronics engineer to our team who can help us continue that legacy of success and professionalism.

The ideal candidate will be able to quickly learn and master our existing electronics projects and is eager to support, improve, and adapt our products for new opportunities. This position is based on-site in North Phoenix.

Specific Experience Required:

  • RF Design for Circuits Ranging from 20 KHz to 2 GHz
  • Experience with Probing and Sampling Techniques
  • Generation of Schematics
  • PCB Layout
  • Prototyping and Troubleshooting
  • Interfacing with Purchasing and Production
  • The Ability to Estimate and Commit to Schedules
  • SolidWorks PCB and P-CAD

Join Our Team!

If one of the roles listed above sounds like the opportunity for you, email us at with your resume and cover letter. We look forward to hearing from you!

We’re Hiring!